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Paper Towns sees Quentin (Nat Wolff) pine for years over his neighbour, Margo (Cara Delevingne), when suddenly she takes him on a one night adventure, which consists of an interesting revenge plot. The two of them spend the night going from one place to another, undergoing a series of tasks which brings Q out of his shell and allows the two to bond.

The night together means a lot to Q but what happens when his time with Margo comes to an end and she just leaves with not even a word?

I watched this movie with my mom, but it was a lot to convince her to see it with me because she wasn’t much of a fan of The Fault In Our Stars. I have to say, she was thoroughly impressed by this though, so that in itself must be worth something.

At first, I was very skeptical about Cara playing Margo, but you know what? I genuinely thought she did a great job and was more convincing than I thought she was going to be. I wish she was in the movie more though.

She along with Nat Wolff, had such a great on screen chemistry as both friends and in a more romantic light. This was portrayed well throughout.

In the book I wasn’t much of a fan of Margo but after Cara’s representation of the character, I feel like I knew her much more as well as actually beginning to like her more than I did before.

This movie features as a coming of age road trip that Q takes, along with his friend’s in order to find Margo. This trip takes them from Orlando to an area in New York which is classed as a ‘Paper Town’. The journey in itself can be seen as a representation of Q at the same time, as we see the development of him, as he goes from being a very timid teen who does practically nothing, to being spontaneous and having the kind of confidence Margo has at the beginning. The development of Q is slow and steady and moves along nicely just like the movie does. I think this adds something so special.

The down fall I would have to pick out, is towards the end, and how the movie finishes. It is not exactly the ending you would want, and this is the one moment, I think Margo is shown to be very arrogant, and wasting Quentin’s time. I was slightly disappointed by this, and how it was left, especially after finally liking Margo as a character.

However, overall it was a great movie which I would say did the book justice. I am so happy to say that, because usually a movie adaption is a difficult task, due to book fans expecting more than they sometimes get, but the entire cast and production was just wonderful. A great family movie!

Oh and did you know there is an AMAZING cameo? Just watch and you will see what I mean!

Lonely Girl Awards Paper Towns: 4 / 5 Happy Faces

Lonely Girl x

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30 thoughts on “Paper Towns Review | Movie Monday

  1. jwforeva says:

    Cool review. I really liked it despite many thinking it’s inferior to other coming of age movies. The one thing that did it for me was the end. It was a very mature perspective and not one that’s sugar-coated or dumbed down to easy happy endings. It’s an end where Q is at peace with knowing that life is as it is, and can be happy even when he doesn’t get the ‘happy end’ he envisioned at first. That’s true progression 🙂 So glad you loved it too

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Arielle says:

    I actually love this movie! I made my little brother go with me to the theater to see it when it came out and HE even liked it! I really enjoyed your review, too. You did a great job describing it and your thoughts on it are great! 🙂


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