Hidden In A Tree | Stroll On Sunday


Hey Guys,

Today’s Stroll On Sunday takes us to Boscobel House, which is the house that Charles II hid in, to get away from being found Oliver Cromwell’s men. In fact, King Charles II actually hid in a tree which gives its name to the many pubs in the UK, The Royal Oak. Did you know that? I didn’t until today either.

The House:


Random picture of my feet because I thought it looked cool, maybe it really doesn’t. Oh well!


This tree was made from a seedling from the tree King Charles hid in.


This beauty here, is the actual tree. Apparently at the time with which he was hiding, it was raining, which would obviously have made him more uncomfortable than he already was, but it was either be uncomfortable, or possibly die. I know my choice would to not be dead. Just saying.


White Ladies Priory:

Just less than a mile away from Boscobel House is a place called the White Ladies Priory, a Church from the 12th Century. This was the place King Charles had come before finding refuge at Boscobel House, following his defeat at the Battle of Worcester.


Just me trying to act cool once again. I really fail at that, don’t I? Sorry!


So that was my day at Boscobel House! I hope you all had a great day today also, filled with love and happiness. It is Valentines Day after all!

Bye Guys!

Lonely Girl x

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