Tea Anyone? | Stroll On Sunday


Hey Guys,

Sorry this post is a little bit late. I was late getting home from being out today. In fact, where was I today? I, along with my mom and stepdad, went to a place called Stokesay Castle! It was a nice little place, with an audio tour, which told you what each room of the castle was about, and was used for. I didn’t get any photos in there, because it was fairly dark, and were just the ruins of the original building.

Also, I could’ve sworn I had lost my purse. turned out, I left it at home! Oops!!!

Anyway, I hope you like today’s Stroll on Sunday:


Looks as though the trees are beginning to blossom! I love it, such a gorgeous sight.


My mom decided to light a candle in remembrance of the aunt that she recently lost. I am glad she did. What a lovely gesture!


My favourite thing in the entire world, tea!!! YAY! I took a few photos of my tea. I love it too much.

Also, if you couldn’t tell, I was trying out the different effects, because why not! Oh and just look at that chocolate cake in the back šŸ™‚ YUM.


I had a great day, did you? What did you do on this very windy and rainy Sunday?

Oh and before I go, I wanted to say, that Wednesday, the 10th of February is my 18th birthday. I am currently on 292 Followers, so I am only 8 away from 300. Do you think we can make it to 300 by the 10th? What a birthday present that would be! It doesn’t matter if we don’t make it by then though šŸ™‚

Lonely Girl x

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