Living The No Phone Life

Hey Guys,

I love my phone! I mean seriously love it! Unfortunately, I accidentally broke mine a couple of weeks ago. Don’t worry though, it is getting fixed and hopefully I will get it back before my birthday, but for now, I am still away from it.

It upsets me to think it is all alone in a new place, and for me it’s just hard not having it here with me, but I need to find things to do, to get my mind off it.

There are things that will happen without a phone! Here are just 4 of those things:

Talk To Real People:

On a phone, you are texting people who are not with you, or for some people, they are literally next to them, but we have grown so close to texting that even that seems normal. I actually don’t do that (maybe to someone across the room), but still, without my phone, I can actually speak to people, real people, face to face. It’s seems like such an unknown thing, but talking to people face to face, is like face time, but so much better!


Actually See The World:

Our faces are forever fixated to what is on our screens, where as without a phone, you can walk and see the world for what it is, and explore places much more, and see things you may not have noticed before.



Lol. HAHA! LMAO! These are words people use a lot whilst texting, but tell me, are you really laughing? I will admit, sometimes, I will actually laugh at something someone sends me, but it’s not often. Then why is it, we continue to use these words? Well, in the real world, when someone says something funny, or something just happens that was hilarious, you can actually laugh!


Make More Memories:

The less time you are on your phone, the more chance you will have to learn the true value of living in the moment, and spending quality time with those you love. These moments are precious, and we can never get them back. Once they are gone, they are gone forever! In the future, you can look back, think of the good times, and SMILE!!!


Lonely Girl x

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35 thoughts on “Living The No Phone Life

  1. parisianpages says:

    you’re be fine lol I’ve been doing it for 6 years . I recently got my first ever phone like 2 days ago and I yes I’m already acdicted to it .
    but distance from it is the best thing sometimes because you are more aware of the world.
    and you included my husband ‘dean winchester ”.

    Liked by 1 person

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