Saying Sorry For No Reason

Friend Or Foe_(1)

Hey Guys,

We have all said sorry at some point, that is a given, but what if you said sorry all of the time? Now that would be a problem. Right?

Perhaps in the past you hurt someone, not intentionally, but you did, and you knew an apology was in order, so you go up to that person and you tell them that you were sorry for what you did. Most times they will accept that apology, because they can tell you meant it and know you enough to know you wouldn’t do it again.

I will apologise when I have done something to somebody. I will admit, I can sometimes say the wrong thing, at the wrong time, not meaning to hurt anyone. I am only human after all.

I also feel the need to apologise when I didn’t do a single thing wrong. It has become an instant reaction for me now. I could be the victim in a situation, and I will still be the one to say sorry. That is one thing I really hate about myself.

I bet you are wondering where this all came from, well a few years ago, I was stuck in a very unhealthy friendship, where I was constantly being tormented and hurt by the same person, my so called ‘friend’.

The person doing this was so clever with how they spoke, so much so that they could get out of anything, and even make me say sorry to them for hurting me. I was being manipulated to the point that now I am too scared not to say sorry to people, even for the smallest of things. I get worried that my actions are going to cause people to leave me, and just walk out of my life

Saying sorry has become my security, and also an insecurity, as I am now an easier target. People can hurt me and it wont make a difference, because they know I will say sorry to them! Oh well!

Lonely Girl x

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25 thoughts on “Saying Sorry For No Reason

  1. Rhi x says:

    I say sorry all the time too. My boyfriend calls me out on it often, but it’s just like my natural reaction is someone seems upset or something’s gone wrong. I also had a friendship similar to yours where I ended up saying sorry whenever I looked out for myself over her. And that’s stuck with me. So you aren’t alone. πŸ™‚

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    • Chloe Lauren says:

      I always had this idea that I was one of the only people who did this. It sounds stupid haha but I just can’t help doing it πŸ™‚ I’m glad you understand though!!!


  2. Zosime Apollo says:

    I think it’s a societal thing. We’ve just been sort of conditioned so that our automatic response is “Sorry”. I’ve been taking note of this recently, and replying with a smile and something along this lines of “You should be. This is unbelievable. This is not what I pay you for”. This usually makes the person laugh, and also calls attention to the apology and how ridiculous it is.
    Although, several of my friends have taken to asking when they’re going to get their paycheck… πŸ™‚

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  3. Luna says:

    I do that too, I say sorry for things I can’t control or that aren’t my fault even when it’s someone else who should be saying sorry -_- I guess it’s something to work on!

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  4. theclippedbutterfly says:

    I know how that feels.. I no longer know whether I did wrong or not!! I just like things to be fine n good.. N I end up apologising even when I am the one deeply hurt.

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