Me And 2015 Are Breaking Up!!!


Oh! 2015 is nearly over! How did this happen and more importantly, when did this actually happen?

For most of the year I had a feeling that the year was taking forever, especially towards the build up to Christmas day, but now that we are here, on the very last day of the year, it seems to have just flown by. Wow!

At the beginning of the year, I was just starting to prepare for my GCSEs, which are important examinations for people in year 11, just in case some people are unaware of them. Technically I was already a year ahead over most people in my current year group anyway, meaning I had a bit of a head start. I had a lot of problems in my previous school before that one, and ended up moving there as a year 10, although I was already year 11. Basically, I did my full year 10 again, and actually got to finish year 11.

A month before exams were supposed to take place, we were told that the school was going to be shutting down. Brilliant timing. I mean, a month before, how could they do that? I was already in complete panic mode as it was.

The thing is though, I really loved that school, and the friend’s I had made there. It was a very small school, consisting of just under 200 people, my year being only about 30. Of that 30, I was one of only five girls.

I get really attached to things, as well as people, so letting go was one of the hardest things I think I have ever had to do and deal with. I’m still not sure I am fully over it. The day we received that news, and the months that were to follow, broke me. Completely.

Summer came along, it was enjoyable and I finally found a little happiness, but then the school year had to come around again. Not only did I have to begin an entirely new school, with way more people I have never met and will have to get used to, but also, begin A Levels, which are more difficult than GCSEs.

This is where I think I personally started to regress, instead of what I had been doing previously, progressing.

Now we are in December, ready to say goodbye to the year, and soon to enter January 2016, where in just over a months time, I will turn 18. Now, I am not ready for that. Let’s just hope 2016 is a much better year than 2015 was, and this is why me and 2015 had to break up. Come on 2016.

Lonely Girl x

Have a great New Year!!!

2 thoughts on “Me And 2015 Are Breaking Up!!!

  1. annaberryblogs says:

    I know what you mean! The year started off slowly and then all of a sudden it was December and getting close to Christmas! Great post though 🙂 if u have any time, please check out my blog as I would love to hear your feedback X 🙂

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